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When the HSE Inspector calls

Are you up to date with your Statutory Examinations?

Hutcheon Examination Services Limited ensures its clients are always up to date & compliant with all LOLER (lifting), PUWER (pieces of work equipment), PSSR (pressure systems) & CoSHH (Fume extraction systems) statutory examinations but we know there are plenty of businesses who for several reasons are not.

We find many companies examinations are not up to date for a number of reasons; they do not have them done at all, they are not really monitoring the fact they have not been done (even though they may have paid an upfront insurance premium for this service) they do not care (very few!)  they do not even know they should be having them done. But there are severe implications should these examinations be overdue one of them is if the HSE visit…..

In 2012 the HSE introduced FFI – fee for intervention. This is basically where a company is found in breach of the current health and safety laws by a HSE inspector. The business found to be in breach is then charged an hourly fee (see which is currently £124.00.This fee is for the time the HSE inspector spends identifying the material breach, helping the business to put it right, investigating and taking enforcement action. This can work out to be a very costly event.

So how can we help?

Not sure what equipment needs to be tested?

For a small fee we can visit site and go through all the equipment you have and advise you which equipment needs statutory examinations.

Need them doing – just not either had them done or aware need them doing

Send us a schedule and we will quote and bring you up to date quickly. We then monitor if the equipment needs doing 6 monthly or 12 monthly and ensure it is done on time.

I cannot use you – my engineering inspections are being done by my insurance companies preferred supplier

You may be using your Insurance Company’s preferred engineering inspection supplier but internally you may not have the manpower or resources to oversee – especially if it is a large schedule, that they are being done on time. For a relatively small annual/monthly fee we will monitor and ensure that your business’s statutory examinations are being done on time.

We will liaise with the engineering examiner to ensure that appointments are met and kept. If not we will ring the alarm bell for you – all this is a lot cheaper than the other consequences

So if we can help you and save you the headache should the HSE visit then call us on 0118 9811773.

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