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Pressure Systems

Qualified Engineers for Pressure System Inspections - PSSUnder the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000 (PSSR) pressured systems require thorough statutory examinations as detailed in the written scheme. Please check out the list below to see if you have equipment that requires testing.

It is a legal requirement for every pressure system to have a written scheme before using for the very first time. The scheme, which we can provide for you, will detail the frequency of examination required. We can inspect all your equipment thoroughly including pressure vessels using a calibrated ultra-sonic thickness meter, and a fiberscope for areas with restricted internal vision. We also use a calibrated pressure tester to check the accuracy of gauges and the lift pressure of safety relief valves.

The results of all these inspections are provided in writing for you, along with the date of our next visit. You can rest assured all the equipment will be thoroughly checked to ensure you comply with PSSR.

To arrange the next examination of your pressure system or request a quote please call us on 0118 981 1773 or email us at

Plant requiring examination to comply with PSSR:

  • Air Receiver
  • Air/Oil Receiver
  • Vertical /Horizontal Air Receiver
  • Vacuum Vessel
  • Jacketed Vessel
  • Steam Generator
  • Steam Boiler
  • Cafe boilers
  • Hot Water Boiler
  • Autoclave or Steriliser
  • Clarifier
  • Gas Bottle Systems
  • Oxy-Fuel Equipment

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