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Drone Aerial Surveillance

Drone Aerial Surveillance

About our drone aerial surveillance services

How you benefit

Our Drone Aerial Surveillance Services allow you to minimise safety risks to employee’s and speed up your inspection process. With its precision hovering system, it negates any need for lengthy risk assessments and paperwork required to allow an employee to the same spot.  

What you can expect from our drone surveillance

What we provide:

  • In depth site specific survey
  • Precise aerial inspections
  • Detailed imagery on Hardcopy

Drone use gives inspectors the following benefits:

  • Negates working at height and increases health and safety
  • Reduces cost for equipment needed to gain access
  • Reduces inspection times without loss of quality

We operate in the current fields:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Telecommunications
  • Pipe & Power Lines
  • Railway Infrastructure
  • Ship Building
  • Industrial Plant
  • Compound & Security Sectors
  • Bridges & Transportation Networks
  • Demolition
  • Building Industry
  • Architecture
  • Aerial Project Management
  • Aerial Photography
  • Land Inspection
  • Land Conservation Work
  • Large Scale Crop Inspection

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